Out on the Town

You may feel it’s hard to go out and find something you can eat. Well, not quite. Salads, for starters, are always good to eat with oil and vinegar on the side, no cheese. Seafood is generally safe, so long as it’s not breaded or fried. Grilled chicken and steak are usually great as well. You can keep good faith in the restaurant that they won’t serve you something processed and filled. Be careful with soup because it’s hard to judge the contents and it’s usually always pre-made. Now comes the hard part: dessert. If you can resist, do so. More than likely, the places you go with have dairy, soy and gluten on the menu. If you choose to partake, then do so without regrets and beating yourself up. We all slip up every once in a while. However, the upside to Paleo desserts: they are still absolutely fantastic and delicious.

I made Paleo Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Icing with my boyfriend one weekend and they were so satisfying we couldn’t eat a true dinner. Dark chocolate is acceptable because it isn’t weighed down by milk. Just make sure to read all of the ingredients!!! (That goes for whatever it is you buy.)

Here’s an example of what I ate last week with the girls:

We decided to go out for a family dinner; we got all dressed up with sun dresses and make up and walked to a little restaurant in the Fan called 3 Monkeys. Though we all agreed it would have been better if we could all drink, it was still a great time feeling more like independents than children. So here was my menu: I started off with seared ahi tuna, then had a salad – no cheese with dressing on the side, and enjoyed a seafood jambalaya which was to die for! This seems so normal, right? Eh, not completely: the jambalaya had penne pasta, so I asked the waitress if I could substitute it for vegetables and they happily obliged, and guess what? It was still just as good, and even better for you than pasta with the unnecessary carbs and phytic acid.

As always, if you’re questioning something, Google it. That’s my go-to. So just be conscious, know your stuff and go paint the town red.

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