The Journey

Come with me on the journey I’ve already embarked upon: the road to better health, fitness and confidence.

Let’s begin with the word “diet”: what an ugly connotation right? “Oh, you’re on a diet? Why?” or “No, she can’t eat that, she’s on a diiiet.” Ouch, that one hurts, doesn’t it? Having to explain why you’ve decided to change your eating habits? I think so. It tends to make me feel worse about what I’m doing that’s so great. I like to refer to it as the Paleo Lifestyle. It has such a brighter sound and more significant impact: YOU’RE DOING THIS FOR LIFE, PEOPLE.

So, since starting this, I’ve found myself reaping all of the benefits:


Who doesn’t seek to better their outer appearance, right? We’re humans, so we’re vain and judgmental creatures, it happens. Remember too, that you are your greatest critic. You’re going to be harder on yourself than anyone else will. Even when someone says “Honey, you look great!” or perhaps “I love your hair today!” If you don’t believe it yourself, it’s not going to make that much of a difference. Now when people give me such lovely compliments, I accept them and I know it. Call it cockiness, vanity, what have you, because what I call it is confidence. Being a girl in the ol’ US of A, we struggle with pressures of society, males too, I know, to look a certain way. Well, I can finally say with certainty that I have never loved myself the way I do now. I am strong, muscular, gorgeous, fit and healthy and I love every aspect of it.

My workouts are so much better, I sleep more soundly through the night, I’ve gained muscle and lost more of the extra lovin’ and I don’t necessarily feel the 2:30 drag. However, because I do CrossFit, I do take whey and casein protein (which aren’t Paleo because they contain dairy and soy ingredients). Besides that tidbit, this is the best change I have ever made. I will never pressure CrossFit nor will I ever demote it, but I will testify to its superiority among other regimens and its greatness. Here’s the thing: you don’t have to do CrossFit to achieve your “dream body” nor do you have to do it to achieve the greatest health possible; you also don’t have to exercise, but what guess what? Exercise is good for you. The benefits of physical activity are numerous and that’s just the beginning. Your health is 30% exercise and 70% diet. You must start somewhere and that somewhere is with an eating regimen. Have I convinced you yet? If so, let’s go Paleo!

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