Preliminary Ideals

So basically what I’ve found is this: take it day by day. Every day and every situation changes and you will have to accommodate. What I always say: pick the lesser of two evils. You’ll figure this out as you go. For instance, I know that nuts aren’t the best for you when they aren’t dehydrated, so I can either buy them or not, and should I choose to buy them, I risk the effects the carry. Or if I go to a restaurant with someone and they don’t have food I can necessarily eat in entirety, I choose the items I can eat without making the menu too difficult. Does that make sense? Make substitutions where possible and as needed. If you need some protein for the day and your choices are fried chicken or grilled, but processed, chicken, go for the grilled and suffer what may come – that’s how I see it.

In college, we aren’t given everything we need or can utilize (i.e., kitchens with stoves and ovens and proper cutlery); we have refrigerators and microwaves. Speaking of microwaves, have any of you ever made eggs in one? They’re quick, easy and still tasty. So long as you scramble up the eggs in a bowl, pop them in the microwave for about a minute and they get nice and fluffed. Add some frozen chicken and hot sauce to the mix and you’ve got a pretty nice snack. As for the fridge, I keep coconut milk on steady supply and coconut yogurt when I can; keep fruits ready and veggies stacked – all are good with a nut butter of some sort (NOT PEANUT!!!); and I love my deli mustard (good with eggs!) so that’s always ready too.

Keeping snacks isn’t difficult either. If there is a way to get to the grocery store, pick up some Larabars and shredded coconut (great for toppings with fruits or other concoctions), dried and some fresh fruits and, if Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods or anything of that sort is handy, grab some sweet potato ripple chips or plantain chips. I love having avocados on deck too because they’re great with eggs, chicken or as a chip dip. Yeah, yeah, it’s hard to make guac without proper knives, but plastic works well too – for taste, not beauty.

Just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to and if you truly want something, you’ll find a way to get it done.

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