I go by Tatyana and many have given me abbreviations and nicknames along the way. I have played soccer since the age of 4, but since coming to college, I’ve touched the ball once without regrets. I’ve always been in love with working out and exercise and health, always trying to better my eating and work hard with sports and the gym.

In March 2012, my fabulously Bearded Uncle began training my brother in CrossFit during the off-season for wrestling. I so desperately wanted to get into it but because of soccer, he wouldn’t let me do too much, so I did Insanity with Shaun T, and what a waste of money that was. It was a good start to pseudo-CrossFit workouts, but after begging my uncle to train me, he gave in to do so in April 2012 on the off-days I didn’t have games. Thus began my lifelong journey to a better workout and a better me.

I haven’t been doing Paleo long, about two months now, and my one-year CrossFit anniversary is this week! I could see myself as a poster child for CrossFit and a good diet because I have struggled with body-image for years. Since starting CrossFit, my strength, endurance and outlook has significantly increased. No, I don’t belong to a Box just yet since I have access to the free gym here at VCU, but what I love about being in a gym where I am the only chick doing CrossFit is that I am dead lifting 155# on average and running around like no other, performing kipping pull ups and GHDs as a girl, showing up some of the guys with stamina and getting looks from other girls like “WTF?” I take pride in my body and my ability now. So once Paleo came onto the scene, the changes have been even more dramatic and beautiful. I absolutely love my body and the benefits Paleo offers. Plus, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to cook!!! Googling sites and recipes for a plethora of ideas and delicious things has brought something new to the kitchen for me. Though I don’t have a kitchen presently in the dorm, when I go home…it’s game over: that kitchen is mine! Also, I guess I should mention that it is quite possible I will rant or repeat myself or just run around my thoughts in circles, so you are now forewarned.

To get to the point, I am here to help guide those living in crunched conditions along this Paleo trail because, believe me, it’s more than possible! Hopefully you all keep returning as I am able to post and relinquish some of my knowledge and continue to learn with me along the way.

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