Joys of Reminders

When I was younger, I carved an “Unequal” symbol into my middle finger – the math symbol.  Because I felt less than.  Because I felt lowly in my image and self-esteem as an eighth-grader searching for her identity in a new world of hormones, loss, and public school.  Because I wanted to fit in.  Because I wanted friends, a life, acceptance.

I thought the mark would fade after some time.  I thought it would just go away with my changing body one day.  But it’s stayed.  It’s a part of me.  I have to live with it; it’s stuck on me every day until the day I die.  My first tattoo, carved with a retractable pencil at the lunch table of a middle school.  It hasn’t faded a day since I’ve done it.

But now I look at it, now I see its truth: I’m not equal, but I sure am not lowly or mediocre or less than.  I don’t think I’m better than or superior to anything either.  But I am not equal.  I was never born for ordinary.  I was never made to fit in.  I have always been different.  I’ve always walked a higher path.  I am totally unequal to my peers in ways they will absolutely NEVER understand or could possibly equate themselves to.  And I cherish this.

Messages from the grave and beyond, I thank you.  For all the lessons and lifetime of practices, how could I ever be prepared for something so subtle as this reminder from ten years past? …

Life has a funny way of coming full-circle…

Doesn’t it?




It ain’t so bad. Honestly, where I tend to cheat is the lesser of two evils: dairy over gluten and gluten-free over gluten. I still can’t stomach diary outright, but if it’s baked into something, it’s a little different. (But I still love my SO Delicious Ice Cream!) So if I’m going to have pizza or a dessert, I forgo the wheat, sub the rice/grain and input a little dairy here and there. Yeah, I pay for it, but I’d rather do it this way than any other, and only with a craving and in the mood.

Check up on cheating in the links or right here:

A ball of chocolate chip cookie dough ready fo...

A ball of chocolate chip cookie dough ready for baking. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Paleo Strawberry Shortcake!


I was able to make these and took some liberty with the recipe. I doubled the recipe because it truly only makes maybe one or two, and this made five small cakes in a muffin tin. It’s chocolatey looking because I added carob powder to the mix, topped it with coconut shreds and strawberries and instead of a homemade whipped cream, I made a homemade chocolate icing! It was heavier and richer than it would have been with whipped cream but definitely divine. If I’d only had about half of a whole cake with everything on it, it would have been perfect and filling.


ImageSo, I’ve never blogged before, and this is going to be pretty fun, I’m thinking! A lovely guy gave me the idea to start this, as well as a bunch of people asking me how I manage doing the Paleo Diet in college and what advice and suggestions I have for them. Well, hopefully this blog sums up everything I could ever say.